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Business partners

What We Do



At ARIA, we work with many of the retirement industry’s leading recordkeeper, TPAs, custodians and plan management companies to provide comprehensive protection against fiduciary liability. Our continued diligence with these relationships allow us to offer plans at an affordable price for both you and your employees while providing many enhanced features normally available to only larger plans.

Plan Management


Manage Yourself

Manage Yourself

The Plan Sponsor manages the plan with the Investment Advisor:

  • Basic Education
  • Consultation
  • Fund Screening


Manage Together

Manage Together

The Plan Sponsor manages and the Investment Advisor collaborate in a co-fiduciary role where the Plan Sponsor retains the bulk of the responsibilities and partial fiduciary:

  • Fund Screening
  • Design
  • Governance
  • Education & Training
  • 3(21) Investment Advice
  • Web-based Tools for the Plan Sponsor and Participants


Manage for You

Manage for You

The Plan Sponsor is relieved of fiduciary liability with regards to the investment selection and monitoring. The 3(38) Investment Manager assumes these responsibilities and can also mitigate additional fiduciary liabilities. This includes all items in “Manage Yourself” and “Manage Together”.