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401(k) Plans

No-Stress 401(k) plans with protection like a Large Plan.

We offer Risk based Advisor Managed Accounts:

Our Advisor-Managed plans offer education and optional fiduciary investment advice to help increase employee engagement and assist employee outlooks.

Even the smallest of employers can offer a 401(k) without sacrificing features and quality.
By teaming up with ARIA you can reduce your compliance and fiduciary workload.
Your employees have access to the same modern technology that employees of large Plan Sponsors enjoy such as Investment Education and improved employee outcome.
Our fees are simple and transparent. Our technology allows us to automate many 401(k) administrative tasks saving your money. Your plan fees will be reviewed annually to ensure compliance with certain laws.

Levels of Support

A 401(k) for businesses that want the flexibility to pick and choose features in a collaborative co-fiduciary role. As the Plan Sponsor, you still retain the bulk of the responsibilities and fiduciary liability.
Our most customizable 401(k) for business owners who want to maximize savings and receive dedicated support. You are completely relieved of fiduciary liability with regards to the investment selection and monitoring.

Does this sound familiar?

"It was difficult for our participants to get the individual help they needed due to the pandemic."

"Our employees don't understand how to receive better retirement solutions without any Advisor engagement or education."

"The lack of true compliance oversight and support in our current plan is troubling."

With Aria 401(k) Plans,Sponsoring a Retirement Plan can be stress-free!

There is no better feeling than knowing you have provided an excellent plan for your employees and be headache free; thanks to our management firm being able to outsource some of your fiduciary liability in regards to investment solutions, plan monitoring and plan administration.
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